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Workstations & Joinery

The workstation is perhaps the most important piece of office equipment, maybe second to the telephone. Comfortable employees are productive employees, and at Express Fitouts, we understand that your office furnishings are of major importance to employee productivity and morale, as well as to the impression your clients or customers may have of your business.

Using only the best quality materials, our office fit-out team is highly skilled in both designing and constructing office workspaces. We source material and furnishings from the most reputable suppliers while minimising your office fit-out costs. We also do custom design and joinery work, ensuring that your workspace is optimised for the type of work that your business conducts.

We also have access to a broad array of specialty furnishings that can be used to maximise floor space, enhance office appearance, reduce external noise, hide unsightly machinery or structures, and even circulate and filter inside air. These and many more are examples of ideas customers have when they begin working with our design and joinery team, to design appealing and aesthetic office fit-outs. Australian businesses have been relying on us for many years, and we look forward to working with you and your staff to construct the right office environment for the success of your business.